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Austability Team

Senior Management Visits Austability's Largest Offices in the Middle East and Europe

Senior management of Austability have spent the last two weeks visiting our offices in the UAE, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The purpose of visiting these offices was to meet with Austability employees, to share the important message about the future steps related to the development of the company, show gratitude for the hard work of Austability’s employees, and also have fun.

Virtual meetings have become the most effective way of communicating with the Austability team, due to our team members being located all over the world, therefore this visit was much needed and a real refresher for everyone, which exceeded everyone's expectations.

The members of the Austability corporate senior management team possess in-depth knowledge and the highest levels of expertise within the company and defense industry. They build and support our corporate values and lead by example, which is why they are an exceptional inspiration to all employees to achieve our business goals.

This visit was one of many events and activities, bringing a successful year for Austability to a close, and we are pleased to announce that such visits will become a new tradition at our company.

The senior management
Bosnia and Herzegovina