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Warsaw conference

Austability’s Continued Industry Support

Austability proudly announces its support of the upcoming ISOA Ukraine conference, to be held in Warsaw, Poland in September 2022. Austability’s participation in this conference will be far beyond the Platinum sponsorship of this ISOA event as Austability is one of the few Defence and Aerospace contractors that has an actual presence in Ukraine and have successfully completed projects in support of the Ukrainian Government since the recent invasion.

At this ISOA event in September 2022, Austability will bring a real insight into the changing landscape of Europe due to the recent and ongoing events in Ukraine and how we as an industry can be involved now and in the near future rebuilding of Ukraine efforts.

Austability believes in the importance of such events hence will always continue to support our friends at ISOA and their efforts to uniform the industry’s approach in bringing peace and stability to where it is needed the most.

Ukraine Conference