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Austability soldier on with Life Support Services in conflict environment

Lviv, is the largest city in western Ukraine, where Austability built the Ukrainian Children Aid Base (UCAB) for more than 40 children and their mothers who are victims of the raging war in Ukraine.

The successful launch of this project was the result of the joint work of Austability’s capability to navigate challenging environments such as active conflict areas. We committed ourselves to enabling the continuous operation and maintenance of UCAB, with one goal on our mind – minimize the fear and uncertainty that war brings to children. Based on Austability’s comprehensive understanding of the Woman and Child Protection framework, UCAB is a child friendly environment with many entertainment and fun activities from the moment children are welcomed into the camp.

With a desire that the time spent in the camp for children would be filled with interesting and meaningful activities, dedicated areas for learning and playing including a playground were created.

In August, an Art Gallery event was organized at the camp, where children had the opportunity to show their creative skills and have fun. During September and November, the Austability team organized visits by students and professors from local universities for education, performances and plays for children.

UCAB and the Lviv region have not been spared from missile attacks, and unfortunately, in the last few weeks, rocket attacks have become more frequent. This has led to scheduled and unscheduled emergency power cuts.These power outages have interfered with the operation of UCAB, disrupting the heating generated by electricity among other challenges.

Running and maintaining a children's camp in a war zone is certainly not an easy task. Nevertheless, the Austability team is highly trained and ready for such situations, and we will do everything to ensure that UCAB continues to function and fulfill its mission.

Ukrainian Children Aid Base
Ukrainian conflict